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My hair is evil and thick help me! I want some new Straightening Irons and 'Cloud Nine' was recommended by a friend and I was wondering which ones to go for with my thick, wiry and hard to manage hair? I always try so hard to get it as sleek as possible but it never seems to work and goes curly within a matter of hours :(
Hi Ayesha! If you have thick hair and you don’t want to spend much time straightening it, we recommend the Wide Iron. Its wide plates will allow you to straighten your hair easily as you can fit more hair in each section. Plus, the temperature control allows you to select the adequate temperature for your type of hair. It's definitely the best choice for straightening a lot of hair quickly and easily. You can find a retailer near you via our Salon Locator on the Cloud Nine Website.
Hi I am trying to grow my short style into a bob, I fancy being able to use the heated rollors for volume and some waves, what would you recommend, rollor size etc I at present use velcros and can get quite a good effect but it doesnt last, my hair is fine and fairly layered, appreciate your guidance so i buy the right thing. Thanks lesley
Hi Lesley. If your hair is layered heavily then the best size rollers to achieve movement as well as volume would be the 20 and 30 mm rollers. The most important thing for long lasting results is to use the Amplify Spray generously either in damp hair and dry in or section by section liberally. When the rollers are in place make sure that you don't take them out until all the red dots are back to black. The cooler the rollers are, the stronger the set will be.
I was just wondering which flat iron would be better for my hair as it is very thick, naturally curly and frizzy. The normal flat iron or wide flat iron ? Thank you
Hi Elle. Thank you for getting in touch. If you have thick hair and you want to straighten it quickly, we would recommend the Wide Iron. Its wide plates will allow you to fit more hair in each section. Furthermore, the Wide Iron has an improved slimline and ergonomic shape, making it comfortable to handle. You can check a Wide Iron review here http://bit.ly/MmRHXQ .
What is the best product to give hair a shine .
Hi Dianne! Whether you're going for curls or straight hair, all our products contain a secret ingredient to give your hair added shine and sparkle every time you use our tools.
Good day, I just wanna find out with the Cloud nine straightner if my hair is wet if I can do my hair so with the Clodnine straightner?And I also wanna know if Cloudnine will brak off my hair like other straightners
Hi Meagan. Thanks for getting in touch. We do not recommend straightening your hair while it's wet. Make sure you dry your hair first with a blow dryer before straightening it. Our irons feature glossy ceramic plates which are the best type of straightening surface for your hair. They also contain a secret ingredient, giving shine to your hair every time you use it. If you are worried about protecting your hair, we recommend using a heat protection spray or serum in conjunction with your straighteners.
When i use the cloud nine irons my hair gets full of static, is there a way to prevent this from happening? Kind Regards Lori
Hi Lori, thanks for getting in touch! You can prevent static by slowly gliding the iron through your hair once, rather than many times quickly. It would also help to use a lower temperature.
Hi! I recently bought my new C9 iron and I'm loving it. My question is how should I clean it and how often? Will regular water with a damp cloth do or should it be something more gentle or fancy? Thanks!
Hi Maria. Thanks for getting in touch! Before you clean your Iron, make sure it is switched off and cold. The most effective way of cleaning it is actually with a damp clean cloth. This will remove any excess products.
hi! i'm considering buying the micro iron as i have short hair, is the micro iron just as good as the original? thanks !
Hi Georgiana. Thanks for getting in touch. All our irons have the same technology in order to provide the same results. The only difference between the Micro Iron and the other irons is the size and the one-touch temperature control feature.
Hi, I'm an Italian girl, I own a ghd styler but I need to change it, now my hair is curly, frizzy and not very long but I will make them grow. Which straightener would you recommend to me? Thanks for your time
Ciao Alessandra. Thanks for getting in touch. If you have long hair and you want to straighten it quickly, we would recommend the Wide Iron. Its wide plates will allow you to fit more hair in each section. Plus, it has an improved slimline and ergonomic shape, which means it is comfortable to handle.
what temperature do the irons go up to
Hi Zoe. Our irons temperature ranges from 100 to 200 degrees.
Hi! I am interested in trying/buying one of your irons, but am unsure what are differences between the models in your offer. My hair is medium long, trying to grow it longer now. It is thick, lots of it, and it is wavy (not curly). I want it straight and shiny, and I don't want the weather or doing yoga to make it wavy after I have straightened it. I also don't want my hair to be burnt out after using the iron for a long period (as I only use it only every now and then, when I don't have time to go to my hairdresser). Which C9 model should I get? Thank you in advance for answering. Sincerely, Ana-Marija Maric Zagreb, Croatia
Hey Ana-Marija. It sounds like the Wide Iron would best suit your needs. All our Irons come with a One Touch Temperature Control which lets you change the heat settings easily, and the black ceramic plates contain our secret ingredient which will give your hair added shine and sparkle.
Hello, my dilemma is that I cannot decide if I want to buy the original Iron or the wide fat iron. My hair is not that thick, but it is long, so I feel I would be able to straighten quicker if I had the thick plate, but is it comfortable to handle, not heavy? What would you suggest? I wont be using it for any curling etc- just straightening.
Hi Nadine! Thanks for getting in touch. If you have long hair and you want to straighten it quickly, we would recommend the Wide Iron. Its wide plates will allow you to fit more hair in each section. Furthermore, the Wide Iron has an improved slimline and ergonomic shape, making it comfortable to handle.
Hi I am looking to buy some Cloud nine Irons and don't know which to go for. I want something that will straighten my hair fairly quickly as I am not one to spend a lot of time. My hair has just been cut and is currently mid shoulder-blade length. I am mixed race so need something that is going to straighten this kind of hair. I want to know which iron would be best. I did buy the medium and larger ones of GHD (I think there were four toyes so probably 2nd and 3rd) which i shared with my daughter, me using the larger ones. If you can advise what is best I can then make the purchase! Many thanks Melanie Harrision
Hi Melanie! Thanks for getting in touch. It seems like the Wide Iron is what you are looking for. You can fit more hair in each section when straightening it, which means you’ll get sleek straight hair even faster. If you have an old hairstyling tool, broken or not, send it us and we’ll give you £20 off of any of our products! Check our website for more information as well as T&C ‘s.
Hi, I am a massive fan and have the wand and wide irons. I am keen on completing my collection and buying The O but worry that my long fine hair will be too fine to hold the velcro rollers as I always struggle to keep these secure. What's your advice? Thanks, Fiona
Hi Fiona! Thanks for the love and loyalty ;) We're glad you are interested in The O! Applying the rollers to long fine hair is easy with the right technique. We'd suggest using one of the wider rollers, taking small sections of hair and spritzing with Amplify Spray for added hold and shine. Then, once the roller is in place, fix with one of the perfect fit clips, designed especially for your type of hair. The hair clip will hold the roller in place, making sure you get perfect results every time.

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