How to get Wavy Hair with the Cloud Nine Irons

11 February 2015

How to get wavy hair in just a few simples steps using your Cloud Nine Original Iron or Touch. 

Wavy Hair with Cloud Nine Hair

One of life's great mysteries is howpeople have beautiful beach waves when there's no beach in sight. Well, we have the answer, and it doesn't involve any sea or sun. In just a few simple steps you will be able to create effortless textured waves all year round using your trusty Cloud Nine straightening iron.


1. Section hair into the three basic sections as shown. Apply a heat protection spray throughout each section (try evo icon welder hot tool shaper) and blow dry with the Cloud Nine Radial brush from roots to ends

 2. Through the front section, blow dry forward to ensure good framing around the face

 4. Take a diagonal back section from the front centre part to the nape of the neck

 5. Starting at the front, move through hair with the Original Iron or The Touch and create a bend in the hair 

 6. Release the hair straightener and then move down hair shaft and create a bend in the opposite direction

7. While hair is warm, texture the section by running hands through it and then leave to cool and move on continuing this technique, working towards the centre of the head

8. Create different bends throughout the hair length, once you reach the centre back section, repeat the same technique on the other side of the head until all the hair is set

9. Spray in a sea salt spray (try evo salty dog beach cocktail spray) to the hair and scrunch in to hold and add a matte, effortless finish to the hair

NOTE: the key to this look is not continuity, create different bends for every section 

How to get wavy hair with Cloud Nine

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