How to Curl Hair using the Cloud Nine Curling Wands

13 February 2015

Find out how to curl hair using the Cloud Nine Wand or Micro Wand to create beautiful, long-lasting curls. 

Curl Hair with Cloud Nine Wand

If you are lusting over Cloud Nines latest looks and want to create polished curls of your own, then look no further. This step-by-step guide will have you creating curls with ease using the Cloud Nine Wands. 


1. Prep damp hair with a support spray (try evo root canal base support spray) or mousse and blow-dry using the Cloud Nine Paddle brush, stretching the roots out for a natural lift. Section hair as shown from ear-to-ear in a cross section part and then separate the back of the head into two equal sections

2. Set the Cloud Nine Wand or Micro Wand to high and take vertical sections of the hair to curl from root to end, hold for 5 seconds and release. Do not disturb the curl.

3. Repeat technique for another two sections curling in the same direction, so that you have a group of three fresh curls.

4. Using the Cloud Nine Dressing brush, brush all the curls together while they are still warm. Pincurl the section up and leave to finish cooling.

5. Continue this technique through the back of the head. When you reach the front section, switch to horizontal sections and continue from desired parting

6. Once all curls are cool, release gently, and mist hair evenly with a light hold working spray (try evo’s builders paradise working hairspray). Use the Cloud Nine Dressing to bring hair together and mould waves into place

TIP: Set with a finishing spray like evo helmut light hairspray for extra hold or a shine spray, like evo love touch on the areas of the style that hit the light

Curl Hair with Cloud Nine Wand

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